Q:  Is the Form I-9 available in different languages?

A:  The Form I-9 is available in English and Spanish.  However, only employers in Puerto Rico may use the Spanish version to meet the Form I-9 verification and retention requirements of the law.  Employers in the United States and U.S. territories may use the Spanish version as a translation guide for Spanish speaking employees, but the English version must be completed and retained in the employer’s records.  Employees may also use or ask for a preparer or translator to assist them in completing the Form I-9.

We suggest that employers with Spanish speaking employees laminate a copy of the Spanish version of the Form I-9, the Form I-9 Instructions and the List of Acceptable Documents and present the laminated Spanish documents with the paper version of the Form I-9 in English for completion.  By laminating the Spanish version, it cannot inadvertently be completed by the new hire.  Providing the Spanish version as a guide reduces the time it takes for the new hire to complete the Form I-9 and helps reduce errors.

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